Thank you so much to all of you who auditioned!  This was a very difficult round of casting, as we had close to 70 auditionees!  I could have cast the shows several ways…It was all a matter of who matched up with whom, incorporating your particular requests, ie, wanting certain roles only, etc.  I wish TA had more roles to offer.

If you have been cast in any of the shows below, please send an e-mail to Jamie at to ACCEPT or to DECLINE your role(s).  Be sure to state which roles in which shows you accept, as well as which roles in which shows you decline, if that is the case.  If I haven’t heard from you by 5 PM onMonday, June 22, I will assume you declined the role(s), and I will seek a replacement from the other talented folks who auditioned.

Please check all shows for your name.  You might have been given a role in a show that you weren’t expecting.  

One final thought:  Many of you may have been cast in shows which will perform back-to-back.  Be sure to examine this commitment with a calendar and show dates in front of you, and make sure that you are okay with this.  This situation means you will be performing one show while rehearsing another, or perhaps even rehearsing two at once!

Please follow any additional directions listed with your particular show(s).  Again, thank you to all who auditioned.  Our next round of Mega-Auditions will be held in October for our spring shows.  Please continue to support Theatre Alliance in our audience, onstage, and behind-the-scenes, so that we may continue to bring shows to the area that no one else will!  We can’t exist without you.

Jamie Lawson
Artistic Director

THE ADDAMS FAMILY (performs September 11-20, 2015—rehearsals begin late July)

Gomez — Gray Smith
Morticia — Amber Engel
Uncle Fester — James Felt
Grandmama — Becki West
Wednesday — Rebecca Phelps
Pugsley — Caleb Lumpkin
Lurch — Seph Schonekas
Mal — Steve Robinson
Alice — Mary Siebert
Lucas — Edward Kluttz, III
Cousin Itt — John C. Wilson

Male Ensemble
Tyler Carlson
James Crowe
Jeremy Donahue
Bernie Newton
Thao Nguyen
Adam Plant
Mark Walek
John C. Wilson

Female Ensemble
Melanie Crews
Amanda Decker
Whitney Lynch
Tammy Parsons
Veronica Siebert
Gil Thornton
Jenny L. Viars
Selin Yaleinkaya

THE BOYS IN THE BAND (Staged Reading) (performs October 2, 2015—rehearsals begin one week prior)

Michael — Bernie Newton
Donald — Adam Plant
Emory — Logan Chidester
Larry — Donald Carroll
Hank — John C. Wilson
Bernard — Carlton Marshall
Cowboy — Michael Ackerman
Harold — Seph Schonekas
Alan — James Crowe

THE ROCKY HORROR SHOW (performs October 23-November 1, 2015—rehearsals begin late August)

Frank-N-Furter — Gray Smith
Brad Majors — John C. Wilson
Janet Weiss — Kaylee Gonzalez
Rocky — TBA
Columbia — Cheri Van Loon
Magenta — Suzanne Vaughan
Riff-Raff — Seph Schonekas
Narrator — John Shea/Ken Ashford (alternating performances)
Eddie/Dr. Scott — Eric Dowdy

Ghosts of the Belasco Theatre/Party Guests
Alex Boese
James Crowe
Charee Cuthrell
Missie Dowdy
Natasha Gore
Bernie Newton
Rebecca Phelps
Adam Plant
Nichelle Wright

TOYER (performs November 13-22, 2015—rehearsals begin mid-October)

Maude — Jaye Pierce
Peter — Zac Hiatt

THE GREAT AMERICAN TRAILER PARK MUSICAL (performs December 4-20, 2015—rehearsals begin late October)

Betty — Michelle Groneck
Pickles — Kaylee Gonzalez
Lin — Linda Shillito
Darlene Seward — Mackenzie Wicker
Rufus Jeter — Gray Smith
Jackson Boudreaux — Ken Ashford

BENT (performs January 15-24, 2016—rehearsals begin late November, 2015)

Max — Michael Ackerman
Rudy — Seph Schonekas
Horst — John C. Wilson
Uncle Freddie/Nazi Guard — Ray Stewart
Greta/Pink Triangle — Gray Smith
Wolf/Nazi Guard — Zach Pfrimmer
Nazi Captain/Kapo — Donald Carroll
Nazi Captain/Kapo — Adam Plant

bash (Staged Reading) (performs February 5, 2016—rehearsals begin one week prior)

Utah Businessman — Ken Ashford
John — Jeremy Engel
Sue — Amber Engel
Woman (Medea) — Mackenzie Wicker

NO EXIT (Staged Reading) (performs March 4, 2016—rehearsals begin one week prior)

Estelle — April Linscott
Inez — Jean Wentz
Joseph Garcin — Don Gunther
Valet — Bill Cissna