Cast Lists For Mega Auditions Held On April 21 2018

I hope you enjoyed the new audition process we incorporated for this round!  Thank you for your patience during this casting session. There were a lot of cogs in this one. So many, in fact, that I added a couple of events to make use of all the glorious talent that I saw that day! To that end, please be sure to check ALL events for your name and the performance dates, to make sure you can be involved. I have double-checked, and I was able to use everyone except for a couple of “this role only” or “this show only” auditioners.

“Newsies” will begin rehearsing NEXT SATURDAY, so get ready!  

Remember, only two additional conflicts from those you have given me will be allowed for any given show. 

Please assume all extensions are happening and add them to your calendar. 

If I cast you in something for which you have no interest or for which you cannot participate for any variety of personal reasons, please politely decline. No worries on this end. I make every possible effort to be fair in my casting and to give everyone as many opportunities as possible. 

To accept your role(s), please email me at to accept or to decline by Wednesday, May 2, at 5 PM. Please list all the roles for which you are accepting/declining. 

Our next round of auditions will be August 25 for “Night if the Living Dead,” “The Legend of Georgia McBride,” “Miracle on 34th Street,” and “Happy Days.” Thank you for auditioning!  

Jamie Lawson
Artistic Director

Special Event #1
Theatre Alliance presents Starlight Theatre:
The Diviners (performed outdoors)  –  July 7 and 8

Buddy Layman – Omar Sosa
Jennie Mae Layman – Liz White
Ferris Layman – Stephen Robinson
C.C. Showers – Brandon Lloyd Hicks
Norma Henshaw – Ally McCauley
Darlene Henshaw – MK Amos
Goldie Short – Leslie Craig
Basil Bennett – Ken Ashford
Luella Bennett – Becki West
Melvin – Chris Swaim
Dewey Maples – Spencer Absher

Special Event #2
All – American: An Evening with Andrew Brodeur – July 2, 2018


Performs June 15 – 24, with potential extension through July 1 

Jack Kelly – James Crowe
Davey – John C Wilson
Katherine Plummer – Henson Milam
Crutchie – Parker Bond
Les – Asher Dodson
Race – Stephen Gunter
Albert – Will De Poortere
Specs – Paul Gunter
Henry – Julian Pecararo
Finch – Sam Clary
Darcy/Ike/Brooklyn Newsies/ Scab – Spencer Payton
Bill, Son of Hearst – TBA
Romeo – Joshua Sarfert
Elmer – Meredith Vaughan
Mush – Rebecca Barnhardt
Buttons – Kinsey Calderone
Splasher – Emi Curia
Tommy Boy/Brooklyn Newsies/ Scab – Sylvia Dodds
JoJo – Mary Upchurch
Fred/ Brooklyn Newsie – Darron Hayes
Mike/Brooklyn Newsies/Scab – Jaxon Garner
Spot Conlon – Jeffrey Payton
Wiesel – Robert Evans
Morris Delancy – Mick Gunter
Oscar Delancy – Glenn Jones
Joseph Pulitzer – Mark Walek
Sietz – Glenn Jones
Bunsen – Mick Gunter
Hannah – Sara Jensen
Nunzio – Mick Gunter
Guard – Mick Gunter
Snyder – Mick Gunter
Medda Larkin – Kathryn Mobley
Stage Manager – Robert Evans
Woman (newspaper customer) – Rebecca Martin
Mr. Jacobi – Robert Evans
Mayor – Robert Evans
Governor Teddy Roosevelt – TBA

Other Newsies/Brooklyn Newsies
Jacob Ellis
Sienna Hayes
Ben James
Henry Halsey
Aaron Parker
Will Johnson
Katherine Harmston

Mark Walek
Mick Gunter
Glenn Jones

Three Nuns
Sara Jensen
Rebecca Martin
Kathryn Mobley

Mick Gunter
Glenn Jones

Performs July 13 through July 22, with potential extension through July 29

Will Rogers – Gray Smith 
Betty Blake – Jaye Pierce
Clem Rogers/ Hastings/ Ranch Pianist – Mark Walek
Ziegfield’s Favorite – Mary Upchurch 
The Rogers Children
Will, Jr. – Trust Stopher

Mary – Ella Howell
James – Julian Pecararo
Freddy – Jaxon Garner
Four Cowboys
John C Wilson
Jalik Roberson
Brandon Lloyd Hicks 
Omar Sosa 
Will’s Six Sisters
Cora – Rebecca Barnhardt
Anna –Savannah Bowman
Waite – Beatrice Howell
Theda – Chloe Adam
Virginia – Susan Leyva
Zulecki – TBA
M1 – TBA
M2 – TBA
W1 – TBA
W2 – TBA

Performs August 17-19, 23-26, with potential extensions on August 21 at 8 PM, August 25 at 4 PM, and August 27 at 8 PM. (We are skipping Aug 22)

Leading Player – Gray Smith
Pippin – Seph Schonekas
Charlemagne (Charles) – Neil Shepherd
Lewis – Jacob Messina
Fastrada – Michele Groneck
Berthe – Maggie Gallagher
Catherine – Rebecca Barnhardt
Theo – Jaxon Garner
Band of Players
Eric Gal
John C Wilson
Omar Sosa
Brandon Lloyd Hicks
James Crowe
Stephen Robinson
Susan Leyva
Margaret Wages
Ashley Pearson
Chloe Adam
Jessie Stewart
Christina Economos
Erin Morton
Mary Upchurch
Shelly Beard
Beatrice Howell
Donna Schimmenti
Erin Doby
Michaela Olin

Performs September 7 – 9 at Yadkinville Arts Council

Ethel – Kathy Cissna
Norman – Carl Nubile
Bill – Chris Swaim
Chelsea – Kathy Glendenning
Bill, Jr.  – Paul Gunter
Charlie – Ken Ashford

Performs October 5 at 8 PM

Connor – Brandon Lloyd Hicks
Danielle – Sam Absher
Young Man – Spencer Absher
Proprietess – Suzanne Vaughan
Seamstress – Sharon Pierce
The Postman/ Black Bird – Clint Cedillo

Performs February 1, 2019, at 8 PM

Heidi the Ho – Casey Kern
Frosty Moons – April Linscott
Jimbo – Bernie Newton
Vixen – Beth Cox
Guy – Eric Dowdy
Gerry – James Crowe

Performs March 1, 2019, at 8 PM

Dennis – John C Wilson
MaryAnne – Tabatha Renegar
Frances – Jaye Pierce
Herman – TBA

Performs April 26 at 8 PM, with potential extension April 27 at 8 PM 

Delta – Christine Burnside
Tim – Ken Ashford
Jen – Rebecca Barnhardt
Macy – Nichelle Wright