These were incredibly hard shows to cast, and I tried to squeeze everyone that auditioned onto our tiny stage in one of these shows, but I just couldn’t get every single person in this round. I promise that if you keep trying, we will get you on our stage!  ROCK OF AGES is extremely dance- and song-heavy, so those were HUGE factors in casting it. RAGTIME’s needs are different, but no less demanding.

Please notify me at by 5 PM Wednesday, October 19, as to whether you accept or decline you role(s). If I haven’t heard from you, I will assume you decline it/them and will proceed as such. Thank you to all who auditioned, and we will likely have another audition in February, 2017, for PIPPIN (or its replacement, as a result of HB2 fallout).  Please be persistent, if you were new to TA and didn’t make it this time.  It’s not a matter of if….only when…we will get you onstage!  Thanks again!

Jamie Lawson
Artistic Director

ROCK OF AGES – performs February 10-26, 2017, with extension very likely (rehearsals begin late December, 2016)

Drew – Jake Messina
Sherrie – Mary Margaret Coble
Lonny – Seph Schonekas
Dennis Dupree – Gray Smith
Stacee Jaxx – James Felt
Regina – Ann Davis-Rowe
Hertz – Steve Robinson
Franz – John C. Wilson
Justice – Kathryn Mobley
Father/Ens – James Crowe
Mother/Ens – Heather Jaynes
Mayor/Ens – Samantha Absher-Harris
Waitress #1/Ens – Amanda Decker
Ja’Keith/Ens – Thao Nguyen
Joey Primo/Ens – Adam Plant
Constance/Ens – Cheri Van Loon
Candy/Ens – Thao Nguyen
Sleazy Producer/Ens – Ken Nash
Guitarists/Band Members/Ens – TBA
Venus Club Dancers
Sapphire – Rebecca Barnhardt
Destiny – Heather Jaynes
Angel – Nichelle Wright
Other Female Ens

Male Ensemble

Ken Nash
Thao Nguyen
James Crowe
Adam Plant 

Female Ensemble

Samantha Absher-Harris
Rebecca Barnhardt
Amanda Decker
Heather Jaynes
Nichelle Wright
Cheri Van Loon

RAGTIME – performs May 12-21, 2017, with extension a likely possibility (rehearsals begin late March, 2017)

The Little Boy (Edgar) – Paul Gunter
Mother – Amber Engel
Father – Chuck King
Mother’s Younger Brother – John C. Wilson
Grandfather – Mark Walek
Tateh – Gray Smith
The Little Girl – Isabella Ellis
Coalhouse Walker, Jr – Sylvester Allen
Sarah – Yansa Crosby
Coalhouse Walker III – Elisha Simmons
Sarah’s Friend – Kathryn Mobley
Willie Conklin (fireman) – TBA
Evelyn Nesbit – Rebecca Barnhardt
Harry Houdini – James Crowe
Emma Goldman – Michele Groneck
Henry Ford – Jake Messina
JP Morgan – Bernie Newton
Booker T. Washington – Chris Stewart
Stanford White – TBA
Harry K. Thaw – TBA
Admiral Robert Peary – TBA
Charles S. Whitman – TBA
Matthew Hinson – TBA


Ben James
David Cole
James Crowe
Adam Plant


Parker Bond
Bernie Newton
Mark Walek
Jake Messina


Domenicq Pizarro
Chris Stewart
(need a couple more, if you know anyone interested)


Erica Hemle
Sandy Scott
MK Amos
Mary Upchurch
Rebecca Barnhardt
Danielle Storm
Cate Engel


Sage Schweickert
Ali Fox
Mary Valentino
Bobbi Eschenbach
Elle Lyons
Denise McKibbon
Bella Hart-Peck


Nichelle Wright
Ra’Eisha Vinson
Kathryn Mobley
(need a couple more, if you know anyone interested)