Thank you to all who auditioned! We still need some men and women for GHOST and some men for SISTER ACT. If you know someone who may be interested, please let me know. If we didn’t get you onstage this time, we have two more sets of auditions this season! Come back, and we will get you involved soon!

Please notify me at by 5 PM Wednesday, April 12, as to whether you accept or decline you role(s). If I haven’t heard from you, I will assume you decline it/them and will proceed as such.

If you were new to TA and didn’t make it this time, believe me:  it’s not a matter of if….only when…we will get you onstage! Thanks again!

Jamie Lawson
Artistic Director

GHOST – Performances June 16-25, 2017, with possible extension to a third weekend. Rehearsals begin immediately.

Molly – Amber Engel
Sam – TBA
Carl – John C. Wilson
Oda Mae – Dee Curry

Male Ensemble
Robert Evans
Jeremy Donahue

Female Ensemble
Mariah Hill
Mary Upchurch
Chloe Adam

The following roles will be filled by Male and Female Ensemble:
Willie Lopez
Hospital Ghost
Ghosts in Hospital
Subway Ghost
Mrs. Santiago
Detective Beiderman
Sobbing Woman
Henry-A Ghost
Orlando-A Ghost
Parlor Ghosts
Nun 1
Nun 2

SISTER ACT – Performances are July 14-23, with potential 3rd weekend likely. Rehearsals begin approx June 5.

Deloris – Brianna Witherspoon
Mother Superior – Mary Valentino
Sister Mary Robert – Rebecca Barnhardt
Sister Mary Patrick – Margaret Wages
Sister Mary Lazarus – Denise McKibbon
Monsignor O’Hara – David Arnold
Curtis – TBA
Eddie – TBA
TJ – Zac Fitzgerald
Joey – Steve Robinson
Pablo – TBA
Sister Mary-of-Tours – Becki West
Sister Mary Theresa – Sharon Pierce
Michelle – Suzanne Vaughan
Tina – Linda Shillito
Ernie – Robert Evans

Other Nuns/Female Ensemble
Suzanne Vaughan
Linda Shillito
Liz White
MK Amos
Charlene Cole
Hannah Harwood
Bethany Thomsen
Mimi Cunningham
Mary Upchurch
Jillian Griffey
Silviana McClellan
Joan White
Katie Ballard
Alyssa Saucier

Male Ensemble
Robert Evans

HEATHERS – Performances are August 18-27, 2017, with potential extension likely. Rehearsals begin approx. July 5.

Note: There was so much interest and SO much talent for HEATHERS, this was a very difficult decision. I owe the auditionees for this show an apology. Upon reviewing the show again for auditions, I was reminded how “adult” the subject matter is. To that end, I have capped the casting age at a minimum of 17, and I should have notated that prior to the auditions. I am sorry I failed to note that. I had forgotten the graphic nature of the show, frankly. So, for you talented young people that auditioned for this show that are under 17, PLEASE come back and audition for more shows. On the other hand, I’m glad I DID fail to mention the age requirement earlier; if I had, I wouldn’t have met all of you terrific young actors! You make me feel good about the future of theatre! If this show wasn’t so mature, I would use each one of you. Also, for those that have been cast in HEATHERS at the age of 17, I will need for a parent or guardian to meet with me to sign a parental consent form prior to the first rehearsal. I am not able to let you perform in the show without it. Please be aware that JD, Ram, and Kurt all have to be in underwear at some point during the show, and Veronica is in her bra. Veronica and JD have a suggestive, simulated s*x scene. If any of this is an issue for those cast in these roles, please notify me now. Thank you! – Jamie

JD – James Crowe
Veronica – Mary Upchurch
Chandler – Chloe Adam
McNamara – Linda Shillito
Duke – Gill Thornton
Martha Dunnstock – Jillian Griffey
Ram Sweeney – Jake Messina
Kurt Kelly – Brad McBride
Ram’s Dad/Big Bud Dean/Coach Ripper – Steve Robinson
Ms. Fleming/Veronica’s Mom – Ali Fox
Kurt’s Dad/ Veronica’s Dad/ Principal Gowan –  Ken Ashford
Boy 1/Beleagured Geek – John C. Wilson
Boy 2/ Preppy Stud – Nick Helms
Boy 3/ Hipster Dork – Alec Galazzi
Girl 1/ New Wave Girl – Riley Cullen
Girl 2/ Stoner Chick – Sydney Miller
Girl 2/ Young Republicanette – Heather Jaynes

Other Students
Bernie Newton
Julie Workman

MILLION DOLLAR QUARTET – Performances are September 8-24, 2017, with likely extension. Rehearsals begin July 24.

Note: I cannot finalize casting for this show yet. For those that auditioned, thank you for your patience. I will notify you as soon as I can. – Jamie

Brother Jay – TBA
Fluke – TBA
Jerry Lee Lewis – TBA
Sam Phillips – TBA
Carl Perkins – TBA
Johnny Cash – TBA
Dyanne – TBA
Elvis Presley – TBA

MINDGAME – Performs September 29, 2017. Rehearsals begin one week prior.

Dr. Farquhar – Jeremy Engel
Styler – James Crowe
Nurse Plimpton – Sara Butner

JACUZZI – Performs January 26, 2018 – Rehearsals begin one week prior

Woman/Helene – Rebecca Barnhardt
Man/Derek/Eric – James Crowe
Bo Elder (Robert Jr.) – TBA
Robert Elder (Sr) – Don Gunther

SWELL PARTY – Performs March 2, 2018. Rehearsals begin one week prior.

Babe – Jaye Pierce
Kate – Karen Robertson
Albert – Eric Dowdy
Erle McMichael – Stephen Truhon
Smitty Reynolds – Bernie Newton
Libby Reynolds – Mary Upchurch
Blanche Yurka – April Linscott