Thank you to EVERYONE who auditioned!  I did everything I could to use each of you, within your conflicts given and with roles of acceptance noted.  What a talented group of 130 people!  Please send an email to to accept or to decline your role by 5 PM Wednesday, April 13.   If you haven’t sent an e-mail by Wednesday at 5 PM, I will assume you are declining your roles and will will recast it/them.  Please remember that if you accept a role and then leave the production once we have begun rehearsals for anything other than a family or medical emergency, Theatre Alliance will ask you to refraining from auditioning for a calendar year; this type of situation puts a hardship on the other cast members and on your production team.  You will not be penalized if you leave the production prior to rehearsals.  For most shows, rehearsals will begin 5 to 6 weeks prior to opening night.  Dance shows, like “Chicago,” may be seven weeks from opening.  Please try to remain flexible around your show’s scheduling.

Again, thank you so much for coming to audition!  Your support in our audience and as a volunteer offstage is as important as your contributions of time and talent offstage.  These are all vital to our survival, so I keep this in mind in casting.  I am at every show and every Theatre Alliance event, so I am aware who makes the organization thrive, and I keep this in mind when casting.  I tell you this so that you will please support the shows with which you aren’t involved.  We put the “community” in “community theatre,” so we hope you will join our community every chance you get.  If you cannot afford to see every production, we have ways to get you in, such as working front of house or volunteering a few hours in our scene shop.  We will not deny live theatre to anyone with monetary challenges, but you may have to sweat a little bit for it! Our next show, “Buddy:  The Buddy Holly Story” begins this Friday — we hope to see you there!

If we didn’t get you onstage this time, we will audition again in October for “Rock of Ages,” “Pippin” (unless Mr. Schwartz decides to yank it from us), “Ragtime,” and select roles in our revival of “Hank Williams:  Lost Highway.”

Welcome to the Family!

Jamie Lawson
Artistic Director


Hostess (Davis Carlyle Sotheby) — Libby Trull
Daughter (Martha Anne) — Samantha Absher-Harris
Granddaughter (“Sister”) –Amy Chadwell

DISNEY’S THE LITTLE MERMAID — performs June, 2016 — This looks like a cast of thousands, but many of you play multiple roles.

Ariel — Amanda Decker
Pilot — Seph Schonekas
Flounder — Parker Bond
Scuttle — John C. Wilson
Windward — James Crowe
Leeward — Jimmy Felt
Prince Eric — Gary Freedman
Grimsby — Joe Collins
King Triton — Jonathan Grice
Sebastian — Charity Hampton

Aquata — Rebecca Barnhardt
Andrina — Emi Curia
Arista — Bea Howell
Atina — Gabrielle Stephenson
Adela — Caroline Kapo
Allana — Katie Weant
Flotsam — Rebecca Barnhardt
Jetsam — Danya Bray
Ursula — Gray Smith
Chef Louis — Tim Swift

Jeremy Donahue
Brandon Hicks
Seph Schonekas (Pilot in Sailor scene)
Tim Swift (Chef Louis in Chef song)
James Crowe
Jimmy Felt
Carl Nubile
Jeffry Payton
Joe Collins(Grimsby in Sailor scene)

Brandon Hicks
Rebecca Barnhardt
Bea Howell
Katie Weant
Seph Schonekas
Gabrielle Stephenson

Rebecca Barnhardt
Danya Bray
Emi Curia
Julia Williams
Gabrielle Stephenson
Kayla Miceli
Christina Economos
Denise McKibbin
Emerson McKie
Madison McKie
Wendy Pfeiffer-Quaille
Chloe Clements
Liz White
Rachel Robinson
Mary K Amos
Christine Burnside
all Mersisters, as can

Sea Creatures (as can, dictated by other roles)
Rebecca Barnhardt
Danya Bray
Emi Curia
Elisha Simmons
Ben James
Brady Chilton
Khloe Clements
Julia Williams
James Crowe
Gabrielle Stephenson
Jeremy Donahue
Jeffry Payton
Liz White
Rachel Robinson
MK Amos
Christine Burnside
Christina Economos
Denise McKibbin
Emerson McKie
Madison McKie
Wendy Pfeiffer-Quaile
Kayla Miceli
Brandon Hicks
Joe Collins
Seph Schonekas
James Crowe
Jimmy Felt
Carl Nubile
all Mersisters, as can

CHEATIN’ — performs July 2016

Sid Cranford — Brandon Hicks
Bo Bob Jasper — Eric Dowdy
Clarence Hopkins — Jeremy Engel
Sara Lee Turnover — Gray Smith
Ovella Parsons-Wilkes — Peggie Kaan
Teddy Joe Wilks — Don Gunther
Maybelline Cartwright — April Linscott

BOEING, BOEING — performs August, 2016

Bernard — Richard Cameron
Gloria (American) — Caroline Kapo
Berthe — Karen Robertson
Robert — Michael Ackerman
Gabriella (Italian) — Gabrielle Stephenson
Gretchen (German) — Suzanne Vaughan

SIXTY MILES TO SILVER LAKE — staged reading — performs September 10, 2016, at 8 PM

Ky — Ken Ashford
Denny — Spencer Absher

CHICAGO — performs September, 2016 (plan on a three-weekend run)

Master of Ceremonies — Donald Carroll (TBA roles may need to be played by male ensemble, but I am
going to try to have you do them as the MC..just won’t know until I know the show better.
Thanks for your patience!)
Velma Kelly — Natasha Gore
Roxie Hart — Amber Engel
Fred Casely — Joe Collins
Sergeant Fogarty — Donald Carroll
Amos Hart — Ken Ashford
Liz — Ann Davis-Rowe
Annie — Katie Jo Icenhower
June — Cheri Van Loon
Hunyak — Rebecca Barhnardt
Mona — Katie Weant
Martin Harrison — Donald Carroll (or TBA)
Matron Mama Morton–
LaShon Hill — 9/16, 9/18, 9/22, 9/24, 9/29, 9/30
Suzanne Vaughan — 9/17, 9/23, 9/25, 9/28, 10/1, 10/2
Any show extensions beyond these dates, TBD
Billy Flynn — Gray Smith
Mary Sunshine — Thao Nguyen
Go-To-Hell Kitten — Scarlet Van Loon
Harry — Donald Carroll (or TBA)
Aaron — Donald Carroll (or TBA)
The Judge — Donald Carroll (or TBA)
Court Clerk — Donald Carroll (or TBA)

Braden Cook
Brandon Hicks
John C. Wilson
Omar Sosa
Seph Schonekas
Joe Collins

Gabrielle Stephenson
Scarlet Van Loon
Elizabeth Lopina
Shelly Beard
Ashleigh Cooper
Linda Shillito
Charee Cuthrell

SLASHER — staged reading — performs October 8, 2016, at 8 PM

Sheena McKinney — Casey Kern
Hildy McKinney — Logan Welborn
Frances McKinney — Jean Wentz
Marc Hunter — James Crowe
Jody Josh — Bernie Newton
Christi Garcia, many other roles — Stephan Lomax

SILENCE!  THE MUSICAL — performs October, 2016

Clarice Starling — Jaye Pierce
Dr. Hannibal Lector — Neil Shepherd
Buffalo Bill — Stephen Melaga
Catherine/Senator Martin/Lamb — Sara Butner
Crawford/Papa Starling/Lamb — Ray Stewart
Dr. Chilton/Cop/Lamb — Gray Smith
Ardelia/Lamb — Ra’Eisha Vinson
Pembry/Lamb — Joe Collins
Other Lambs
James Crowe
Caroline Beaver

SUNSET BOULEVARD — performs November, 2016

Norma Desmond — Charlene Cole
Joe Gillis — Craig Faircloth
Max Mayerling — Troy Hurst
Betty Schaefer — Ann Davis-Rowe
Cecil B. Demille — Jimmy Felt
Artie Green — Seph Schonekas
Manfred — James Crowe
Sheldrake — Robert Evans

Seph Schonekas
Robert Evans
James Crowe
Alex Boese
Jimmy Felt
Mark Walek

Selin Yalcinkaya
Jenny Viars
Gabrielle Stephenson
Wendy Pfeiffer-Quaile
Mary K Amos
Michele Groneck
Sarah Groneck
Tammy Parsons

WHITE CHRISTMAS (REVIVAL) – performed December, 2016

Bob Wallace — David Joy
Phil Davis — Gray Smith
Betty Haynes — Mary Lea Williams (as of now)
Judy Haynes — Mary Isom
General Henry Waverly — TBA
Martha Watson — Ruthie Tutterow
Susan Waverly — Meredith Brown
Ralph Sheldrake — Seph Schonekas
Rita and Rhoda — Rebecca Barnhardt, Mary Margaret Coble
Ezekiel Foster/Snoring Man — Steve Robinson
Mike/Ed Sullivan Announcer — John C. Wilson

Assistant Seamstress — Rebecca Barnhardt
Jimmy — Braden Cook
Cigarette Girl — Ruthie Tutterow
Mrs. Snoring Man — Charlene Cole
Train Conductor–Braden Cook
Dance Captain — John C. Wilson
Seamstress — Mary Margaret Coble

John C. Wilson
Richard Cameron
Braden Cook

Mary Margaret Coble
Rebecca Barnhardt
Charlene Cole

THE ROSE TATTOO — staged reading — performed January 7, 2017, at 8 PM

Salvatore — TBA (kid)
Vivi — TBA (kid)
Bruno — TBA (kid)
Assunta — Linda Minney
Rosa Della Rose — Logan Welborn
Serafina Delle Rose — Michele Groneck
Estelle Hohengarten — Wendy Pfeiffer-Quaile
The Strega — Kay Shelton
Giuseppina — Liz White
Peppina — Amy Chadwell
Viloetta — Sarah Groneck
Mariella — April Linscott
Teresa — Beth Frazier
Father De Leo — Steve Robinson
A Doctor — Don Gunther
Miss Yorke — Erica Hemle
Flora — Tabatha Renegar
Bessie — Jenny Viars
Jack Hunter — Alex Richard Thomas
The Salesman — Robert Evans
Alvaro Mangiacavallo — Brandon Hicks
A Man — James Crowe
Another Man — Carl Nubile
Narrator — Bernie Newton

ZANNA, DON’T! — performs January, 2017

Zanna — John C. Wilson
Steve — Brandon Hicks
Kate — Selin Yalcinkaya (parental permission required)
Mike –Seph Schonekas
Roberta — Ann Davis-Rowe
Tank — Adam Plant
Candi — Logan Welborn (parental permission required)
Arvin — Omar Sosa

Jimmy Felt
James Crowe
Alex Boese
Donald Carroll

Jenny Viars
Stephan Lomax
Casey Kern
Sarah Groneck
Charee Cuthrell
Mary K Amos

THE LAST SUPPER — staged concert — April 13, 14, & 15 — at 8 PM

Rachel Robinson
Whitney Lynch
Tabatha Renegar
Christina Economos
Elizabeth Cox
Erica Hemle
Liz White
Sharon Pierce
Chastin Kornegay

Leonardo — Steve Robinson
The Angel — Katie Weant
Peter — John C. Wilson
Philip — TBA
Bartholomew — TBA
Little James — Omar Sosa
Matthew — James Crowe
John — Jimmy Felt
Mary — Ann Davis-Rowe
Martha — Karen Robertson
Simon — TBA
Thaddeus — TBA
Andrew — Adam Plant
Judas — Seph Schonekas
James — Carl Porchey
Thomas — Bernie Newton
Jesus — Brandon Hicks

THE FLICK — staged reading — performs May 7, 2017

Sam — Jeremy Engel
Avery — Chris Swaim
Rose — Erica Hemle
Skylar/Dreaming Man — John C. Wilson